Make A Spark; A Fire


In relationships, the sexual aspect is fundamental and a gift you give to one another, the sensations obtained are rewarding and healthy for the mind, body and spirit. Here are some simple but very effective tips. You don't need to turn your relationship into a fantasy routine, but to experience new things that lead you to feel joyful and happy isn't about that.


If you use the same positions and techniques all the time it eventually becomes boring. The sense of intrigue and adventure is lost and becomes predictable and tedious. Variety is what turns an ordinary relationship into an extraordinary, fun and intriguing relationship, with adventure and passion. Remember that variety not only means treating different things at different times but also incorporating new things and techniques that you've never tried before.

Sex lives. We all have them to one degree or another. Some of them are fulfilled while other feel that it is somehow lacking. But what is really good sex? It means being enlivened and open to your partner. The more experiences you share outside of the bed will benefit the pleasure for both of you in bed.

Use Your Entire Body

It's important that you stay active, stroke your partner and caress them. Being active doesn't mean jumping around at all times. If you have your hands free then you can stroke their back, caress or touch them, sex is not limited to their erogenous zones.

Simply touching it will excite you and it might be all that you need to improve your bedtime experience.

Communicate with Your Partner!

Your partner needs to know what they are doing in order to please you just like you need their input. If you stay quiet you will never get satisfaction in bed. For women this can be harder than men. Men tell you what they want in bed. Your boyfriend or husband is open and says it without any problem; this makes it easier and that's why you have to do the same for him and communicate your needs.

This doesn't mean you have to be super specific, if you give them some basic directions they will be able to find their way around. Especially if they are in tune with you at a deeper level. This communication helps to improve the love in the relationship and bring a couple closer together as a couple in bed. Your intimate life will undoubtedly improve if you can openly communicate what you really like.

Now it's very likely that you've heard this many times but have you ever tried to open that dialog? Would you belive that I put it into practice? This weekend, take time and talk a bit about it with your partner. Your relationship will thank you.

Found An Interesting Horoscope


My grandmother used to read the horoscopes. Not that she believed in them, not that I know of at least, but she would read them. She would sometimes read them to me. I found this one and thought that it would make for an entertaining entry to the site.

Aries: Enjoy your leisure time. Talk to your partner and find a place of recreation, if it is with the element water all the better. You will feel refreshed and full of love.

Taurus: You'll have time for everything today. Use your best disposition and feel love in all its splendor.

Gemini: If you are without a partner, it will be because you do not want one, because you are beautiful. Good time for expressing yourself.

Cancer: Be tolerant. Everyone can't think like you, so listen to their opinions and avoid arguing with your partner.

Leo: You're going to spend the day as a family. Share it with your partner, with your children. Everyone is waiting for your dose of love and attention.

Virgo: Take some time for yourself. Devoting today to taking care of yourself and feeling good will be great. Then talk to the person of your dreams, they'll understand.

Libra: You're so bored of your routines that you'll look everywhere for new things. Change the way you view them and you will get a new appreciation for love, positions, words, etc.

Scorpio: The weekend allows you to spend more time with your partner. Recover the passion you have forgotten, you know seduction and can appreciate their magnetism.

Sagittarius: In life it's not all work. You have someone around waiting for you to tell everything you've got on your heart.

Capricorn: You need to disconnect from routines. If you don't have a partner, it's good that you understand yourself. You have many great characteristics.

Aquarius: After fulfilling your duties, start the fun. Potential partners won't resist watching you pass, someone determined will come to you if you are looking.

Pisces: Today is an ideal day to share with friends. Someone very interesting is approaching your path, maybe they have already merged, do you see it?

I think that she enjoyed reading them because they were uplifting and positive. Everyone had something to look forward too, even if it was utter nonsense.

Romeo and Juliet


The greatest tragedy by William Shakespeare knows no greater loss than the misadventures of a couple in love, Romeo and Juliet, suffering the terrible enmity of their families: Montagues and Capulets, two feuding families, in the city of Verona, Italy. The death of both closes the curtains on the best-known love story on Earth. In one of the most heartfelt lines, Juliet says: "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo" referring to the name that forced the separation of both.

Verona, July. At a masked ball two people meet, one known as Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, who are immediately attracted. Romeo declares his love to her when he visits her on the balcony of the family home. But being aware of the hatred that separates the two noble families, they choose to marry in secret to the priest Lorenzo. Then, in a personal struggle, one of the Capulets kills a friend of Romeo's and Romeo in turn kills the murderer. Romeo is forced by his family to hide in Mantua.

Juliet's father, who is unaware of the secret wedding, wants to force his daughter to marry Count Paris. Juliet visits the priest asking for advice, for she neither wants nor can and cannot break her marriage vow.

The priest then gives her a potion that produces the appearance of death in people, sending them into deep sleep. The priest believes Romeo will come to her rescue. She takes the potion. Romeo returns to Verona upon hearing of Juliet's death and, full of hate, kills Paris. Then he finds Juliet supposedly "dead." Unable to bear so much pain, Romeo gives her one last kiss, takes a poison and falls dead at her feet. When Juliet recovers from the lethargy that follows from the death potion she see Romeo's lifeless body, realizing that he is truly dead, she also kills herself, striking a dagger into her chest.

After the terrible tragedy of deaths and hatreds surrounding impossible and eternal love, families transcend distances and reconcile with one another, alas, too late for the star crossed lovers. Romeo and Juliet have been taken to film, theatre, dance, symphonies, concertos, symphonic poems, ballets and hundreds of paintings and sculptures have been produced.

Background In Tragedy

Literary works from Shakespeare have been a favorite of mine for many years. And R J is not an exception.

The exact date is not known when Shakespeare began writing the tragedy, although it refers to an earthquake that supposedly would have occurred eleven years before the facts that were narrated. Since Italy was indeed shaken in 1580 by an earthquake, it has been assumed that Shakespeare may have begun drafting the play by 1591. However, the existence of other earthquakes in different years prevents the issue of a definitive conclusion on this subject. From a stylistic point of view, however, the similarities of Romeo and Juliet with "A Midsummer Night's Dream", as well as with other works between 1594 and 1595 , affect the possibility that it could have been written between 1591 and 1595.

The first edition of Romeo and Juliet is from 1597 and was published by John Danter in fourth-grade 1 format (hence the Q1 technicality with which it is known). The various differences presented by his text from subsequent editions have given reason to believe that it may have been classified as a bad version; T. J. B. Spencer, a 20th-century editor, described this text as "detestable." A reconstruction from the imperfect memories of one or two actors", suggesting that this is an illegal copy of the work altogether unrepresentative of what Shakespeare had originally used. It has also been argued that its flaws stem from the word that, as with other theatrical texts of the time, it may have been published before its final representation. However, its appearance supports the hypothesis that 1596 is the latest possible date for the composition of "Romeo and Juliet."

The second edition, known as Q2, was titled "The Excellent and Regrettable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet." It was published in 1599 by Cuthbert Burby and edited by Thomas Creede. Responding to what is indicated on the cover (the text has been "corrected, augmented, and revised"), it includes about 800 verses more than the text of Q1.

Some specialists believe that Q2 is based on the draft of the first staging, because it contains textual rarities such as different names assigned to the same character and "false beginnings" in speeches that, it is presumed, could have been suppressed by the author, but wrongly preserved by the publisher. Thus, Q2 presents a more complete and reliable text than its predecessor. This version was reissued in 1609 as (Q3), in 1622 as (Q4) and in 1637 as (Q5). Otherwise, it is the text that is followed in modern editions.

In 1623 it appeared in the compilation known as "The First Folio", with the Q3-based text and with some corrections made on the basis of a scenic note.

Years later, other editions of the First Folio were published: in 1632 (F2), in 1664 (F3) and in 1685 (F4).

The first modern versions, based on the fourth and first folio editions and their reissues, were by Nicholas Rowe in 1709 and Alexander Pope in 1723, who initiated the tradition of editing the text by adding some additional information and details that do not appear in Q2, but in Q1.

The reissue of the work has been constant ever since, since the Victorian era, its edition has been accompanied by explanatory notes on its sources and the cultural and social context in which it was produced.

Trudging Along Silently, Until…


My job isn't stressful but for many years now I have been suffering from pain. It is always their in my lower back. Posture and general health issues have been the primary culprit.

I am not that old, yet have been bowing with a bad back for many years. Last July I had some minor surgery, a small operation on my ankle, where some cartilage was removed.

At that time my doctor suggested that I start to exercise. He was of the opinion that most of my problems could be minimized or resolved with regular exercise.

I approached Alex, a trainer at our local gym, if he had any suggestions. I was nervous since I am not that athletic and it seemed like a big hurdle to jump.

We had a nice conversation, however, in which I explained my old infirmities and ills, after which he laid out a simple training program for me.

Before I knew it we had started the program and quickly made progress, I started with the weights and various exercises, and after a little talk back and forth, we came up with a description of the individual exercises, which even I could understand and accomplish. I guess this is what personal trainers are for?

The lessons were all completed at a good pace, and the atmosphere was good. We got to know each other quite well, discussing just about about Heaven and Earth and everything in between.

Since I started I have not experienced anything other than progress and a new appreciation for a healthy back. On top of that I can feel that my attitude has become more positive. My self-esteem via stronger stomach and back muscles has been clearly improved. I have also resumed my more rigorous activities without problems, something that I let fall after the major trouble began with my back and neck, so I can only say that I have been fully satisfied with the results. Something that I was not sure would be the case when I began.

My expectations before I began was one of apprehension, I knew that I should be without pain in the back and neck, not that it was possible. That requirement has been entirely fulfilled. So I can only recommend somebody like Alex to others who need a personal trainer (he has a background in physical therapy). I had never dreamed that I would seek out personal training.

On top of that I had never been to a gym until then. I have to say it's been worth more than gold to me.

My workout happens about 2 to 3 times a week: I have three different programs I run on the treadmill, so I get strengthened the whole body. I have gained more power and my balance is significantly improved.

In addition, I must say that Alex is lovely and calm and we have had a lot of fun. He is good at seeing if it gets too easy, and he immediately finds something else to improve the exercise. All in all it has been a very positive experience, which I can warmly recommend others.

I've felt safe all the way through.

Living Together: Guidelines for Couples


Here are the seven principles of a couple's coexistence, according to emotional ecology. The goal is to create the best possible conditions to love and to be loved when you share a space with another person. This is also one of the hardest parts about being in a relationship and many have failed during the initial phases of living together because the people involved were not ready or failed to understand all implications that go along with co-inhabitance.

Personal autonomy.

Each person must be themselves and work to know how and and be autonomous. Everyone must be given the means to make their dreams (within reason, otherwise if they are too grand you might be better suited single) come true. Every person is unique.

Dependency prevention.

Don't play "mother" or "father" with your partner. Don't overprotect them or think for them, talk or do things on their behalf if they are capable instead. Don't always tell them what to do. Create a space of freedom where everyone assumes their own self-care responsibilities.

Sowing the Positive – Feed Back.

Everything positive that we sow around us is repaid to us. A simple principle in theory, but can be hard to achieve in a relationship. If we sow in our relationship as a couple joy, gratitude, tenderness, empathy, communication, love, generosity, understanding, independence; we create an emotional environment that pays off. Instead: selfishness, moodiness, anger, pessimism, complaint, criticism, jealousy, mistrust; will pollute the relationship.

Natural Morality.

Don't do to your partner what you don't want to done to you, that's the golden rule for life. It sounds logical, but this is often forgotten. Do not control, do not complain constantly, do not underestimate, do not yell, do not judge.

Individuality and Difference.

We are all different and that is precisely why couples are so strong. They offer each other a wealth of experience for a relationship. You have to respect different tastes and never impose your own, instead embrace it when interest is shown. Listen to your partner to discover their tastes and preferences so that we can share them, and not make differences a pitched battle.

Love Yourself

You can't give love if you don't love yourself. You can't give quality time, if isn't given freely. You can't smile if you don't have anything in your own life to smile about. You will not be able to collaborate on your happiness, if that person is not responsible for their own happiness. First we start with ourselves, and then we can give everything we harvest. This may sound self-focused but it is the opposite of an ego centric or narcissistic relationship.

You Choose.

Our challenge is to take responsibility for our own lives, for our actions. To achieve this we must provide relationship the right spaces to evolve and improve as people. We are responsible for our choice of partner and the decision whether or not to continue with it. If our relationship causes us a lot of suffering and lowers our self-esteem; if it reduces our world and our chances of being and relating, we have a duty to "clean up" and end the relationship.

If you are chosen without any action on your part is it really a balanced relationship?