Is My Partner Mature?


Maturity in a relationship is a very important aspect for couples; something which is built throughout the process that has an affective relationship. In addition, the maturity of the couple is related or related to the psycho-affective maturity of each member of the same.

Psycho-affective maturity is based on the level of resolution of its own conflicts, which each person has and how he resolves them. This will guide a level of affective maturity that has an impact on the relationship of mate.

In addition, the couple itself will go through a series of maturity levels that is unique for each couple as it will depend on the individual characteristics of each person and the specificity of each couple.

However, beyond specificities, we can list some important aspects to determine the degree of maturity in a relationship:

  1. Respect for each other in every sense is one of the most important aspects.
  2. Healthy and open communication is another relevant aspect.
  3. The ability to transform your reality based on successful completion of projects together.
  4. Being able to feel love for each other over time.
  5. The ability to form a family group that is the subject of its reality and the one that surrounds it with an active position before it.
  6. The ability to maintain individual personal spaces for each member of the couple.
  7. Resolve the conflicts that arise and process them as a positive input to the experience of being a couple.
  8. Reciprocal sincerity.
  9. In depth knowledge, about your partner and of yourself.
  10. The support and support capacity that the couple can be for both of us.
  11. The expiration of prejudices and the capacity for freedom offered by the couple for both members.

In short, these can be very important aspects to take into account when establishing a mature and healthy relationship with your partner. Do you recognize some of them in your behavior and attitudes.

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