Love is the Key To Happiness


Love is absolute, it is equal towards all and all things, love is different from infatuation. Because love can be directed towards all people and things, instead infatuation is towards a person especially to whom we have chosen to share some form of intimacy, though limited in how much else we share, for example our fears, hopes, and dreams. Love does not seek personal convenience or favors above others. Love requires knowing the other person's flaws, seeing the good but also the bad of the relationship and working together to build it into something long lasting and healthy. And in the instance of infatuation that transforms; this is when we start to see the person for who they are with all of their flaws and the idealization disappear, and we can look more critically and move beyond the facade that people erect to protect their inner-selves. You do not usually see the flaws when we idealize because that is the very definition of idealization. The person and looks perfect, and looks perfect no matter what they show us to counter that impression, only after a period of time can this become true love.

And that is what I wanted to talk about today. Love. Marriage. In general the development which takes place after we have walked down the aisle. For one, weddings are that point in the road where our paths unite and we take that new course.

So what is love? What is it really?

When we are asked to categorize it, the majority say that it is a cornerstone in the process of building a future with another person. People don't fall in love everyday. We do not use it to describe our feelings about something. It is even present in most friendships. Unless it is professional, few choose to maintain contact with someone if there isn't some sense of mutual love, no matter the size present. In most cases this love will not be vocalized.

So what is love, truly? At its heart, it is a willingness to open up and contact with another person on a deeper and long lasting level.

This is what marriage is.

Some compared the feeling to euphoria. Though some choose to liken it to madness as it also creates a state of stagnation or forgetfulness of everything around you, where you can lose the notion of time, you do not see, you do not hear or feel it, you only think about it, but being in love is one of the best things that can happen in this life. And those who have fallen in love have also learned what happiness really is. This is leads to the desire to spend a lifetime together.

There are more than enough sources that explore the institution of marriage. An industry has grown around it so that none of our heart's desires are left wanting. A wedding today is only limited by our imagination, the subsequent implementation a matter of finding the pieces we need. We are almost bombarded by options at hand; Themes, decorations, menus, and everything else are ready for us. You can find the right look no matter what you need. Which presents a nearly an unimaginable assortment of paper products; ranging from the first step, save the date down to invitations, menus, and thank yous. The piecemeal nature of wedding planning is long gone. The act of marriage is streamlined. You just need to know what you want.

In the off chance than instagram and pinterest are not enough to inspire us we can organize a wedding planner and things become even easier.

And while they may ease the planning of our wedding, the real work is done by love. And in its absence there is little that can be done to make the resulting marriage work.

But then love has many definitions.

Love is something that has many definition but one root feeling because it is the greatest thing that can happen to a human being; love is the answer to many questions held in our hearts, questions that every human being should find an answer to in their lives. If you were to describe happiness how would you do it? Love is a difficult thing to explain, difficult to find, difficult to live, but when true love is found, you can come to the conviction of knowing that this world has been reached.

This is the ability to be happy, and to make others happy. Love is not spiteful, there is no hatred in it, it does not become enlivened, it is not momentary or ephemeral, love knows how to forgive, love does not rejoice in injustice… Love is not boastful, it does not boast of itself. Love all believes love all endures it. True love doesn't hate. … to love you have to be brave, because to love, you must stop hating. You must be honest with yourself and willing to expose yourself, and that can be frightening, but is happiness not worth that?

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