Found An Interesting Horoscope


My grandmother used to read the horoscopes. Not that she believed in them, not that I know of at least, but she would read them. She would sometimes read them to me. I found this one and thought that it would make for an entertaining entry to the site.

Aries: Enjoy your leisure time. Talk to your partner and find a place of recreation, if it is with the element water all the better. You will feel refreshed and full of love.

Taurus: You'll have time for everything today. Use your best disposition and feel love in all its splendor.

Gemini: If you are without a partner, it will be because you do not want one, because you are beautiful. Good time for expressing yourself.

Cancer: Be tolerant. Everyone can't think like you, so listen to their opinions and avoid arguing with your partner.

Leo: You're going to spend the day as a family. Share it with your partner, with your children. Everyone is waiting for your dose of love and attention.

Virgo: Take some time for yourself. Devoting today to taking care of yourself and feeling good will be great. Then talk to the person of your dreams, they'll understand.

Libra: You're so bored of your routines that you'll look everywhere for new things. Change the way you view them and you will get a new appreciation for love, positions, words, etc.

Scorpio: The weekend allows you to spend more time with your partner. Recover the passion you have forgotten, you know seduction and can appreciate their magnetism.

Sagittarius: In life it's not all work. You have someone around waiting for you to tell everything you've got on your heart.

Capricorn: You need to disconnect from routines. If you don't have a partner, it's good that you understand yourself. You have many great characteristics.

Aquarius: After fulfilling your duties, start the fun. Potential partners won't resist watching you pass, someone determined will come to you if you are looking.

Pisces: Today is an ideal day to share with friends. Someone very interesting is approaching your path, maybe they have already merged, do you see it?

I think that she enjoyed reading them because they were uplifting and positive. Everyone had something to look forward too, even if it was utter nonsense.

Romeo and Juliet


The greatest tragedy by William Shakespeare knows no greater loss than the misadventures of a couple in love, Romeo and Juliet, suffering the terrible enmity of their families: Montagues and Capulets, two feuding families, in the city of Verona, Italy. The death of both closes the curtains on the best-known love story on Earth. In one of the most heartfelt lines, Juliet says: "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo" referring to the name that forced the separation of both.

Verona, July. At a masked ball two people meet, one known as Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, who are immediately attracted. Romeo declares his love to her when he visits her on the balcony of the family home. But being aware of the hatred that separates the two noble families, they choose to marry in secret to the priest Lorenzo. Then, in a personal struggle, one of the Capulets kills a friend of Romeo's and Romeo in turn kills the murderer. Romeo is forced by his family to hide in Mantua.

Juliet's father, who is unaware of the secret wedding, wants to force his daughter to marry Count Paris. Juliet visits the priest asking for advice, for she neither wants nor can and cannot break her marriage vow.

The priest then gives her a potion that produces the appearance of death in people, sending them into deep sleep. The priest believes Romeo will come to her rescue. She takes the potion. Romeo returns to Verona upon hearing of Juliet's death and, full of hate, kills Paris. Then he finds Juliet supposedly "dead." Unable to bear so much pain, Romeo gives her one last kiss, takes a poison and falls dead at her feet. When Juliet recovers from the lethargy that follows from the death potion she see Romeo's lifeless body, realizing that he is truly dead, she also kills herself, striking a dagger into her chest.

After the terrible tragedy of deaths and hatreds surrounding impossible and eternal love, families transcend distances and reconcile with one another, alas, too late for the star crossed lovers. Romeo and Juliet have been taken to film, theatre, dance, symphonies, concertos, symphonic poems, ballets and hundreds of paintings and sculptures have been produced.

Background In Tragedy

Literary works from Shakespeare have been a favorite of mine for many years. And R J is not an exception.

The exact date is not known when Shakespeare began writing the tragedy, although it refers to an earthquake that supposedly would have occurred eleven years before the facts that were narrated. Since Italy was indeed shaken in 1580 by an earthquake, it has been assumed that Shakespeare may have begun drafting the play by 1591. However, the existence of other earthquakes in different years prevents the issue of a definitive conclusion on this subject. From a stylistic point of view, however, the similarities of Romeo and Juliet with "A Midsummer Night's Dream", as well as with other works between 1594 and 1595 , affect the possibility that it could have been written between 1591 and 1595.

The first edition of Romeo and Juliet is from 1597 and was published by John Danter in fourth-grade 1 format (hence the Q1 technicality with which it is known). The various differences presented by his text from subsequent editions have given reason to believe that it may have been classified as a bad version; T. J. B. Spencer, a 20th-century editor, described this text as "detestable." A reconstruction from the imperfect memories of one or two actors", suggesting that this is an illegal copy of the work altogether unrepresentative of what Shakespeare had originally used. It has also been argued that its flaws stem from the word that, as with other theatrical texts of the time, it may have been published before its final representation. However, its appearance supports the hypothesis that 1596 is the latest possible date for the composition of "Romeo and Juliet."

The second edition, known as Q2, was titled "The Excellent and Regrettable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet." It was published in 1599 by Cuthbert Burby and edited by Thomas Creede. Responding to what is indicated on the cover (the text has been "corrected, augmented, and revised"), it includes about 800 verses more than the text of Q1.

Some specialists believe that Q2 is based on the draft of the first staging, because it contains textual rarities such as different names assigned to the same character and "false beginnings" in speeches that, it is presumed, could have been suppressed by the author, but wrongly preserved by the publisher. Thus, Q2 presents a more complete and reliable text than its predecessor. This version was reissued in 1609 as (Q3), in 1622 as (Q4) and in 1637 as (Q5). Otherwise, it is the text that is followed in modern editions.

In 1623 it appeared in the compilation known as "The First Folio", with the Q3-based text and with some corrections made on the basis of a scenic note.

Years later, other editions of the First Folio were published: in 1632 (F2), in 1664 (F3) and in 1685 (F4).

The first modern versions, based on the fourth and first folio editions and their reissues, were by Nicholas Rowe in 1709 and Alexander Pope in 1723, who initiated the tradition of editing the text by adding some additional information and details that do not appear in Q2, but in Q1.

The reissue of the work has been constant ever since, since the Victorian era, its edition has been accompanied by explanatory notes on its sources and the cultural and social context in which it was produced.

Oh, How Sweet Your Kiss


What is kissing? Is it simply touching with the lips, one of the many signs of love, friendship or reverence. Is there a difference, are different types of kissing between a couple used to show one's feelings? For some kissing is kissing something or someone with repetition, vehemence and passion.

So, what is kissing?

What does it mean to you?

The kissing action in itself is simple. We even have examples of kissing in this basic form that have traversed time and space; the best known kisses are basically: the one that is called the "Judas kiss" because it is given as a false manifestation of affection and that of peace, which is given as a sign of affection and friendship.

When two people start a relationship, kisses are given all the time and anywhere, because it's the only intimate contact they can have; but as time goes on, kissing becomes a habit of structure with the importance of maintaining the sensation of unity within the relationship.

The kiss is the first step on the road to love and is the indispensable, creating a bond for a couple, besides that it gives a certain magical touch to a relationship and makes an avenue for greater passion, the desire to feel your partner's embrace, and through this deeper feelings arise. The longer it lasts, the more the blood vessels dilate, the more the receptors become sensitized and therefore the greater the pleasure it gives.

Apart from pleasure, performing this "habit" continually has its positive side:

  1. It is the best way to fill a relationship with energy.
  2. You can express a hello, I missed you, I love you, or I want you.
  3. A kiss says more than a thousand words.
  4. Give reassurance and the renewed feeling of being loved.
  5. It's a way to relax.
  6. Kissing can make the negative aspects of life fade even for an instant or for the duration of the kiss.
  7. The exchange of saliva is a sign of maximum confidence and desire for sublime fusion.
  8. It is the prelude to further embrace.

There are no special techniques, no recipes, no kissing rules; the essential thing is that it is given with tenderness and affection even when passion intervenes.

Some types of kisses include:

  • Soft and sweet kiss: expresses tenderness, can be accompanied by caresses and delicate looks.
  • Romantic kiss: it is given with all the strength of the love felt towards the other person
  • Sensual kiss: it's a way of flirting and incites passion and sensual contact
  • Encompassing Kiss: it takes your breath away, denote desire and show anxiety about possessing the other.
  • Passion kiss: it is much deeper and the caresses become more intense.

It's said that kissing is the thermometer of the relationship, so if you ever stopped wanting to kiss your partner, start worrying. Once married, perhaps that need to have maximum contact will fade away as you receive deeper understanding but it maintains the same gravity when kissing begins.

Here are some suggestions maintaining the passion:

  • Kiss your partner at every opportunity you have.
  • If you want to kiss in a public place, do so.
  • Focus on kissing and caressing without thinking about what follows.
  • Invent a code communication through kissing.
  • Understand that you do not need to have sex to feel pleasure; there are caresses and kisses that can produce unimaginable sensations.
  • Whenever you kiss, do it with tenderness, affection, respect but especially with love.

Fun facts about kissing in different cultures:

  • In Eastern culture, kissing is giving and receiving spiritual energy.
  • Contests of longer kisses have been held. One is the Kissing Tournament held in Mexico a few years ago.
  • It is said that if you manage to tie a knot with the cherry stem only with your tongue without touching it with your hands, it means that you know how to kiss well.

Milka: The World’s Best Milk Chocolate


I love Milka, for me there is rarely a chocolate that lives up to the taste and texture of the Milka chocolate. But while I love it, I am often (still) surprised to learn that not everyone knows about it. SO I am trying to fix that today. No they haven't bribed me with a truck load of chocolate (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) but they don't need to either. It has established itself in my life since I was a child. It was the first (that I remember) chocolate that my grandmother bought me. And it has been our special treat ever since.

With this original bars getting popular again it appears that Milka aims to give value to the brand beyond the one it already had, they want the brand to be associated with tenderness, good gestures with friends and family, as well as remembrance (my grandmother and I fit into this category).

In addition, it appears that they carried out another promotion recently they embrace the act of sharing. Specifically, the commercial with the last piece of chocolate. Showing that the last ounces of chocolate are just as important as the first and have quite a lot of value when they are allowed to. For me it stated that if you share it with someone it will be because you really care.

With these messages at the heart of Milka's intentions, it is clear to see that they are regarding the brand, the value given to the consumer is pretty clear. In addition, Milka has focused on "tenderness" which as been the main theme since the 1960s, they want the public not to think of Milka as a simple brand of chocolates, rather the brand comes to mind from a loved one and their endearing actions, this tenderness that is imparted through their intentions.

That is an idea I can fully support.

Today is the Day


Today, my love, is the day you chose to come into the world to cheer everyone up, today is the day you made the world more beautiful, more perfect. Today is another day of your life, to which you complete another year, this is special to you, and especially for me, for having you by my side.

Happy Birthday!

A “Love” of Biology


Biology is an important science whose ultimate purpose is to study life, from its origin to its completion.

And it is also one of the subjects which I currently study. One might think that a subject like biology that usually occurs in the curriculum as simply filler, it would be easy to argue as most people do not study toward a degree in biology, but this is not the case. It can never been seen as filler, as biology is a subject that we apply in many careers and as one of the subjects with higher time load and importance it is easy to fall behind in with mindsets as such.

Like most of my career partners, I'm interested in math and everything related to numbers, subjects that biology shares little in common with. Especially for me, there are a number of difficulties when studying biology as I do not like memorization or studying a huge list of text. But what can we do? For students like me who don't like memorization there are some general ways to avoid falling behind or ending up in a rut?

Well, I'm not the subject matter expert, but by force I've learned some very useful tips:

Battling Distractions

A student who lives on a college campus has his friends around, a house to in relax already has several places of distraction. This can be negative when the time comes to study, as naturally we will prefer to be doing anything other than studying. So you have to stay focused on the goal and book a day to dedicate it completely to the material at hand.

Visualize Your Goal

You always have to plan which topics to cover and what results you want to get from the study session, so planning ahead is the best option.

Understand That There Are No Shortcuts

You have to be very clear that there is no magical way to learn from one moment to the next, you have to be ready to work hard. Biology at the university level is a demanding subject, this must be very clear from the beginning.

Change Your Attitude Towards Matter

Yes, just as you hear it; attitude is the key to success. With a simple change of attitude you can achieve amazing things.


In this time of life every person must know the method that works most, be this mental maps, mnemonics, pure and hard memorization, focus on key concepts, group session, etc. Get the most out of your favorite study method to generally get the best possible results.

I consider these tips very useful since they not only focus on the study itself, but also on your attitude towards matter and habits in general. (And who knows? Maybe I'll put them into practice someday.) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Is My Partner Mature?


Maturity in a relationship is a very important aspect for couples; something which is built throughout the process that has an affective relationship. In addition, the maturity of the couple is related or related to the psycho-affective maturity of each member of the same.

Psycho-affective maturity is based on the level of resolution of its own conflicts, which each person has and how he resolves them. This will guide a level of affective maturity that has an impact on the relationship of mate.

In addition, the couple itself will go through a series of maturity levels that is unique for each couple as it will depend on the individual characteristics of each person and the specificity of each couple.

However, beyond specificities, we can list some important aspects to determine the degree of maturity in a relationship:

  1. Respect for each other in every sense is one of the most important aspects.
  2. Healthy and open communication is another relevant aspect.
  3. The ability to transform your reality based on successful completion of projects together.
  4. Being able to feel love for each other over time.
  5. The ability to form a family group that is the subject of its reality and the one that surrounds it with an active position before it.
  6. The ability to maintain individual personal spaces for each member of the couple.
  7. Resolve the conflicts that arise and process them as a positive input to the experience of being a couple.
  8. Reciprocal sincerity.
  9. In depth knowledge, about your partner and of yourself.
  10. The support and support capacity that the couple can be for both of us.
  11. The expiration of prejudices and the capacity for freedom offered by the couple for both members.

In short, these can be very important aspects to take into account when establishing a mature and healthy relationship with your partner. Do you recognize some of them in your behavior and attitudes.

Love is the Key To Happiness


Love is absolute, it is equal towards all and all things, love is different from infatuation. Because love can be directed towards all people and things, instead infatuation is towards a person especially to whom we have chosen to share some form of intimacy, though limited in how much else we share, for example our fears, hopes, and dreams. Love does not seek personal convenience or favors above others. Love requires knowing the other person's flaws, seeing the good but also the bad of the relationship and working together to build it into something long lasting and healthy. And in the instance of infatuation that transforms; this is when we start to see the person for who they are with all of their flaws and the idealization disappear, and we can look more critically and move beyond the facade that people erect to protect their inner-selves. You do not usually see the flaws when we idealize because that is the very definition of idealization. The person and looks perfect, and looks perfect no matter what they show us to counter that impression, only after a period of time can this become true love.

And that is what I wanted to talk about today. Love. Marriage. In general the development which takes place after we have walked down the aisle. For one, weddings are that point in the road where our paths unite and we take that new course.

So what is love? What is it really?

When we are asked to categorize it, the majority say that it is a cornerstone in the process of building a future with another person. People don't fall in love everyday. We do not use it to describe our feelings about something. It is even present in most friendships. Unless it is professional, few choose to maintain contact with someone if there isn't some sense of mutual love, no matter the size present. In most cases this love will not be vocalized.

So what is love, truly? At its heart, it is a willingness to open up and contact with another person on a deeper and long lasting level.

This is what marriage is.

Some compared the feeling to euphoria. Though some choose to liken it to madness as it also creates a state of stagnation or forgetfulness of everything around you, where you can lose the notion of time, you do not see, you do not hear or feel it, you only think about it, but being in love is one of the best things that can happen in this life. And those who have fallen in love have also learned what happiness really is. This is leads to the desire to spend a lifetime together.

There are more than enough sources that explore the institution of marriage. An industry has grown around it so that none of our heart's desires are left wanting. A wedding today is only limited by our imagination, the subsequent implementation a matter of finding the pieces we need. We are almost bombarded by options at hand; Themes, decorations, menus, and everything else are ready for us. You can find the right look no matter what you need. Which presents a nearly an unimaginable assortment of paper products; ranging from the first step, save the date down to invitations, menus, and thank yous. The piecemeal nature of wedding planning is long gone. The act of marriage is streamlined. You just need to know what you want.

In the off chance than instagram and pinterest are not enough to inspire us we can organize a wedding planner and things become even easier.

And while they may ease the planning of our wedding, the real work is done by love. And in its absence there is little that can be done to make the resulting marriage work.

But then love has many definitions.

Love is something that has many definition but one root feeling because it is the greatest thing that can happen to a human being; love is the answer to many questions held in our hearts, questions that every human being should find an answer to in their lives. If you were to describe happiness how would you do it? Love is a difficult thing to explain, difficult to find, difficult to live, but when true love is found, you can come to the conviction of knowing that this world has been reached.

This is the ability to be happy, and to make others happy. Love is not spiteful, there is no hatred in it, it does not become enlivened, it is not momentary or ephemeral, love knows how to forgive, love does not rejoice in injustice… Love is not boastful, it does not boast of itself. Love all believes love all endures it. True love doesn't hate. … to love you have to be brave, because to love, you must stop hating. You must be honest with yourself and willing to expose yourself, and that can be frightening, but is happiness not worth that?