A “Love” of Biology


Biology is an important science whose ultimate purpose is to study life, from its origin to its completion.

And it is also one of the subjects which I currently study. One might think that a subject like biology that usually occurs in the curriculum as simply filler, it would be easy to argue as most people do not study toward a degree in biology, but this is not the case. It can never been seen as filler, as biology is a subject that we apply in many careers and as one of the subjects with higher time load and importance it is easy to fall behind in with mindsets as such.

Like most of my career partners, I'm interested in math and everything related to numbers, subjects that biology shares little in common with. Especially for me, there are a number of difficulties when studying biology as I do not like memorization or studying a huge list of text. But what can we do? For students like me who don't like memorization there are some general ways to avoid falling behind or ending up in a rut?

Well, I'm not the subject matter expert, but by force I've learned some very useful tips:

Battling Distractions

A student who lives on a college campus has his friends around, a house to in relax already has several places of distraction. This can be negative when the time comes to study, as naturally we will prefer to be doing anything other than studying. So you have to stay focused on the goal and book a day to dedicate it completely to the material at hand.

Visualize Your Goal

You always have to plan which topics to cover and what results you want to get from the study session, so planning ahead is the best option.

Understand That There Are No Shortcuts

You have to be very clear that there is no magical way to learn from one moment to the next, you have to be ready to work hard. Biology at the university level is a demanding subject, this must be very clear from the beginning.

Change Your Attitude Towards Matter

Yes, just as you hear it; attitude is the key to success. With a simple change of attitude you can achieve amazing things.


In this time of life every person must know the method that works most, be this mental maps, mnemonics, pure and hard memorization, focus on key concepts, group session, etc. Get the most out of your favorite study method to generally get the best possible results.

I consider these tips very useful since they not only focus on the study itself, but also on your attitude towards matter and habits in general. (And who knows? Maybe I'll put them into practice someday.) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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