Trudging Along Silently, Until…


My job isn't stressful but for many years now I have been suffering from pain. It is always their in my lower back. Posture and general health issues have been the primary culprit.

I am not that old, yet have been bowing with a bad back for many years. Last July I had some minor surgery, a small operation on my ankle, where some cartilage was removed.

At that time my doctor suggested that I start to exercise. He was of the opinion that most of my problems could be minimized or resolved with regular exercise.

I approached Alex, a trainer at our local gym, if he had any suggestions. I was nervous since I am not that athletic and it seemed like a big hurdle to jump.

We had a nice conversation, however, in which I explained my old infirmities and ills, after which he laid out a simple training program for me.

Before I knew it we had started the program and quickly made progress, I started with the weights and various exercises, and after a little talk back and forth, we came up with a description of the individual exercises, which even I could understand and accomplish. I guess this is what personal trainers are for?

The lessons were all completed at a good pace, and the atmosphere was good. We got to know each other quite well, discussing just about about Heaven and Earth and everything in between.

Since I started I have not experienced anything other than progress and a new appreciation for a healthy back. On top of that I can feel that my attitude has become more positive. My self-esteem via stronger stomach and back muscles has been clearly improved. I have also resumed my more rigorous activities without problems, something that I let fall after the major trouble began with my back and neck, so I can only say that I have been fully satisfied with the results. Something that I was not sure would be the case when I began.

My expectations before I began was one of apprehension, I knew that I should be without pain in the back and neck, not that it was possible. That requirement has been entirely fulfilled. So I can only recommend somebody like Alex to others who need a personal trainer (he has a background in physical therapy). I had never dreamed that I would seek out personal training.

On top of that I had never been to a gym until then. I have to say it's been worth more than gold to me.

My workout happens about 2 to 3 times a week: I have three different programs I run on the treadmill, so I get strengthened the whole body. I have gained more power and my balance is significantly improved.

In addition, I must say that Alex is lovely and calm and we have had a lot of fun. He is good at seeing if it gets too easy, and he immediately finds something else to improve the exercise. All in all it has been a very positive experience, which I can warmly recommend others.

I've felt safe all the way through.