The Need for Love


People often confuse love connected to need, for many their is the mystery of love. But is it so mysterious? How many of you have ever seen or been near a much-needed person?

People in need are taken. That's all we have to say. If a person in need is a taker, is he expressing love? They're not expressing love. They're in a state of need.

Most people don't understand the difference between a state of need and a state of love.

All they understand is that no one is meeting their needs. And if your needs aren't met, that usually causes disappointment. That need can be as small as having your mother or father tell you that they love you or that you did well. Maybe they didn't tell you that. In that case, you would have been disappointed because you needed to be given their approval.

But why did you need to be told that? Because you wanted your parents to recognize that you'd done something good.

Now, what happens when needy children get older? How many of you are adults and needy?

I read in the paper recently that we as a nation are becoming more needy.

Are you needy?

Go ahead, everything is fine, confession is good for the soul. There's something specific to learn about love. And this is this: if we know that the most sublime feeling is the action of giving and that this action is the nature of love itself, then we, who are the givers, almost never find ourselves in a state of need, because we are in a state of love. Because you see, when you are in a state of love, you are in a state of happiness. When you are in a state of happiness, you are not in a state of need: you are in a state of joy.

However, most people interpret that only based on being in love with particular people. It remains to be discovered that it spans a lifetime and that, in truth, it understands all people. And that love has to be comprised of a 360-degree circle. It can't just be 30 degrees of that circle. It has to be complete for our happiness to be complete.

Friendship In A Digital Age


This internet allows us to make connections from around the world, it gives us the opportunity to have communication with many people from different walks of life, even if they are thousands of miles away. The only options for such contact just a few decades ago were via mail (slow) and long distance telephone calls (expensive).

Today I can met people, characters (yes, you read that correctly) "characters" because they play a role, I don't know them personally, or if they really are who they say they are. At best, they show a part of their personality in which they hope shows the best part of their character without realizing it, well, that is now always true, but that's another story that I hope to tell you later.

Their is some truth to the argument that they are doing the same in their personal life, but that is a subject for another day as well.

I met a special person last year, from the first day we spoke it was as if we knew each other all our lives, it was as if we just stopped talking for a while and our reunion was wonderful. In other words we connected really well. Needless to say we got carried away by everything and had some very happy moments together thanks to this wonderful thing that we call technology.

When we say love we often reserve it for romantic relationships but it is more than that. To love some one does not mean you desire physical intimacy. We felt so much love since that first meeting which came from our hearts. Still, long heartfelt conversations sometimes need to be punctuated with a hug. So we meet. We gave eachother that longed-for embrace and felt each others warmth, I will never forget that. At this point it is important to note that we really don't live that far from one another. A couples of hours drive. The distance was not immense, but that is relative, thanks to the internet we were able to connect, something that would have been impossible otherwise.

The internet brings people together.