Expanding One’s Love


If we can recognize that we are all mirrors, mirrors of each other, then we have to remember that this is as true for them as it is for us: others reflect aspects of ourselves, but we also do the same with others. The mirror is both the source and the vessel in which we appear.

Choosing what we want to reflect in others is an important decision one has to make. What we choose to reflect is important because it says a lot about us. And when we decide on what is to be shown we should do so with great care and awareness. For it is hard to be able to recognize and appreciate the best of each person; this is an act of love towards yourself, because the other does not really exist in the fashion that one believe tangible, but is viewed as an extension of you.

We are all people and according to the way we relate to those around us thus we are reflecting the way we treat ourselves.
It is not a question of denying or hiding limitations or possible "failures"—our own or those of others—but of enhancing the aspects that are beautiful, wise and endearing.

Where we focus our attention, that is the area that grows, expands and increases. Therefore, if you appreciate the positive qualities of others, you help them to grow, to love and accept, and motivate them to continue to give their best. This is the nature of sharing both of one's self (the intangible) and of resource (the tangible). Through this act they then are given the option to give you back that reflection, and so, among all of us, we create a world where love, unity, respect and peace rein state.

But not all light is bright.

What if someone insists on projecting their darkness toward us? In those cases we can continue to reflect the best parts of that person. People who only project criticism, judgments, and attack you in some way are those who do not recognize their own beauty and do not love themselves. This is crucial in being happy and comfortable in ones life. This does not always work. Sometimes it is appropriate to follow our path, with acceptance, forgiveness and detachment. And yet, we do not need to reflect that which they project on us, we can keep that person in our heart, and continue to send him Love.

This is not intended to be a revelation. The truth is elusive, yes, but sooner or later we discover the truth: limitations, mistakes and failures do not exist, for they are illusions created by our minds.

We are love, and to that extent, when you discover it in yourself and reflect it to others, we are perceiving the only possible reality.